Welcome! This is my old website. You can find the new one at: www.jelmavanamersfoort.nl.

You can continue from here to different sites:

  • De Arionstichting. This is a foundation that lets me organize workshops, concerts and projects for guitarists and lutenists.
  • The Amsterdam Cremerkoor, a chamber choir established in January 2007, specializing mostly in early music. In spring 2008 we performed the opera 'Euridice' by Jacopo Peri, composed in 1600.
  • The very HIP ensemble 'La Chartreuse de Valbonne'. In this group I am joined by Sigurd van Lommel, counter tenor, and occasionally by Julien Hainsworth on baroque cello. In this group I play theorbo, baroque guitar and 19th century guitars. So far we played concerts in France, in Germany and many times in the Netherlands.
  • You can find me on FaceBook, LinkedIn and earlyguitar.ning.com

Vriendelijke groeten, Jelma van Amersfoort

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